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Computer Use



Anyone who uses the Computers of the Wartburg Public Library must comply with all the Policies and Procedures of the Wartburg Public Library and specifically by signing the sign-up sheet acknowledges that he/she has read, understand, and will comply with the Policy/Procedure listed in this document.


A Parent or Guardian will be responsible for the actions for any user under the age of 18 (eighteen) and will sign a separate form for under-12 users.


***If you have been on a computer for longer than 30 minutes and a patron is waiting you must let that patron have your computer……this will be enforced and is subject to change at anytime.***


A computer User will:


Sign the Computer Sign-In Sheet.  A valid and acceptable ID must be shown if requested by the LOD.


Follow the directions of the Librarian on Duty (hereafter referred to as LOD) at all times or leave the library.


Be responsible for any damage to the computer when in his/her use.  Do not touch the computer screen.


Be responsible for all printing initiated.  Black and white PC copies are $0.10 for each page printed.   Consult the LOD for help, additional information, or questions.


Maintain the library in a clean and orderly matter.  Do not have food or drink near the Computers, Printers,  or other computer-related equipmentTobacco-product use of any type is not allowed.


Connect to the internet at your risk and the use is considered a User-Beware area.


Visit only sites that are legal or community approved. Will not visit Gambling sites, and other sites that may expose others to offensive material or expose under-18 patrons to sites not legal for them to view.  Wartburg Public Library is required by law to have filters on our internet computer to block gambling sites and inappropriate sites for under-18 patrons.


Act in such a matter so as not to disturb other patrons. If one needs to use a cell phone in conjunction with the computer, the LOD must grant permission in advance. Will remain with your young children and prevent the children from disturbing other patrons or damaging property of the Library.  All children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Will follow the LOD directions and crease any action if the Librarian so requests.  This includes leaving computer quickly.  The LOD may grant additional time in special circumstances.


Must leave the computer before fifteen (15) minutes of closing. Failure to do so without special permission from the LOD may result is instant off of the computer and lost of all data.  Please plan your use to be finished before fifteen minutes of closing.


Failure to comply with the Policies and Procedures of the Wartburg Public Library may result in loss of your computer use or other library privileges.


The Director of the Wartburg Public Library and the LOD is empowered to enforce the Policy and Procedure herein and is expected to do so.


If there are any questions related to this policy, you may address them to: Director, Wartburg Public Library, P.O. Box 366, Wartburg, TN, 37887.


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